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Kendall Perry is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and collaborator expanding the boundaries of art making beyond the usual disciplines.  Kendall is most inspired when voicing the ineffable through music, emotive and meditative while simultaneously fiercely passionate.  Their* compositions are an effortless musical alchemy pulling from jazz, rock, classical, and a world music palette, combined with their own visual, cinematic and minimalistic flavor.

Kendall studied Jazz/Contemporary Guitar Performance at UC Denver, and finished their BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Naropa University in Boulder, CO in 2014.  Their thesis entitled: “Communicating the Extraordinary: the Magic Beyond Language through Music and Dance” explored giving voice to the ineffable through music; a theme that Kendall continues to explore; first with their original and successful composition and dance production, “Unravel” (2014), then “Destinata” (2015), which combined acoustic and visual idioms by incorporating the naturalistic vocabulary of their photography, and most recently as a composer/musician in two original collaborative productions with choreographer Kat Gurley and contemporary dance company Wild Heart on "The Vulnerable Cure" (2016) and "The Beloved" (2017).   Kendall is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Leadership/Composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (2017-2019) in London, UK.  

Many of Kendall’s artistic collaborations include but are are not limited to: theater, dance, visual arts, jazz, and experimental settings.  Kendall Perry’s original work has been featured in Fringe Festivals across the U.S. & Canada, Naropa University in BFA and MFA thesis productions, the Gatas y Vatas Festival (Solo Women/Non-binary/Trans Performers) in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2011 and 2012, and plenty more.  In Kendall’s productions many disciplines are interconnected; photography, composing of music, daily journaling of their inner inquiry, dreaming, witnessing of beauty, building personal relationships, and the books they read… Nothing is separate in the creation of their productions and creative work; for life itself is divine creation worth incorporating into artistic expression.

*Kendall identifies as non-binary / genderqueer and uses the singular they/them pronoun.