The Last Land Before Sky

by Kendall Perry

Wild Heart Dance and Kendall Perry Music’s newest creation, The Last Land Before Sky, is a journey through the five elements of physical creation. Each shape-shifting performer takes voyage through the physical universe. These acts of courage take place through the full participation of our senses and each small death of transformation.

Through each elemental passage: the earth making sound, voyage of blue, feet finding stardust, life ablaze, and where we meet the edge, Wild Heart Dance and Kendall Perry Music take us on a path of discovery through our humanity and into what’s beyond.

Composition, Piano, Percussion // Kendall Perry
Violin // Beatriz Rola
Mix and Master // Jake Cacciatore
Soundscape Samples // FreeSound

Danced by // Mimi Ferrie, Kat Gurley, Page Jenkins, Amanda Leise, Anna Mayer, and Kristine Whittle. 
Choreographer, Director // Kat Gurley
Promo video // Drummond West
Photography // Heather Gray


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