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by Kendall Perry

Like smelling lilac in spring & glimpsing the reflection of moonlight in water. This is what falling in love sounds like: vibrations that envelop you in beauty - beyond time & words, where shadows meet the light. When arid logic fails to capture fully the ever-changing story of the heart, there is music to give it voice: A story of tenderness. Of impermanence. Of surrender in the face of the irresistible simplicity and infinite expanse of each moment. This is DESTINATA.

Building on the success of last year's interdiscsiplinary production, "unravel," the artist Kendall Perry and her band reveal this story through her musical score, giving voice to the ineffable and communicating the extraordinary through music. DESTINATA combines acoustic and visual idioms by incorporating the naturalistic vocabulary of the artist's photography. This performance uses the language of the senses to approach the numinous wildernesses of the heart - the mysterious DESTINATA inside us all.